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GPS Aquameter

This robust handheld GPS Aquameter is designed from ground-up to be the most user friendly mate to the Aquaprobes. Equipped with an accurate and fast locking built-in GPS receiver, the GPS Aquameter makes it easy to pinpoint your water testing data. The meter also gives you the ability to view your water quality readings in real time via the display. This is useful when deploying your logging system as it allows you to check the parameters are all reading ok.

Using the free AquaLink PC utility, you can view recorded data, save and archive and export the data. Export as a detailed text report, as an Excel file or as a Google file for viewing in Google Earth and Google Maps.

GPS Aquameter is also required for probe calibration of all Aquaprobes. If you are purchasing multiple probes for unmanned logging, then you may only need to purchase one meter. This is because the latest calibration data is stored in the probe, allowing you to use one Aquameter to calibrate multiple probes.


  • Portable field unit for use with Aquaprobes AP series (AP-2000, AP-5000, AP-7000, AP-LITE)

  • Unmanned short term deployment

Key features

  • Very easy to use with simple menu system.

  • Built in GPS receiver to enable location tagging with every data set.

  • View all data in Google Earth via the simple Google export button.

  • Display of all the parameters being measured.

  • High capacity built-in memory allows recording of full data set including all parameters, GPS data and calibration data at the touch of a single button.

  • Built in air pressure sensor for atmospheric compensation.

  • Lightweight with Ergonomic curved design sits nice in the hand, with rubber gasket for added grip in wet condition.

  • Backlit display for readibility in sunlight.

  • IP67 enclosure for robust and reliable outdoor use.

  • User selectable languages.

  • Large rubber keypad.

  • Powered only by ’AA’ cells allowing flexibility in the field.

  • Rugged, metal AquaConn connectors provide extreme durability where its needed most.


  • Wide range of accessories.

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