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The new AquaLogger™ is designed to fit down 2” bore holes for remote data logging.  The unit features programmable event triggers to increase logging rate if rapid changes occur.

The AquaLogger range of rugged data loggers are designed to make unmanned monitoring easy. There are two different AquaLoggers available
: the AquaLogger-2000 and the AquaLogger-7000. Each is designed to be used with the respective Aquaprobe.

Leave your AquaLogger anywhere
The AquaLogger is designed to be left in the field for long periods of time. It's rated IP-67 and contains an air pressure sensor to allow all the automatic compensation to take place.

Easy set up and deployment
It couldn't be easier to set up thanks to the easy to use LoggerLink. On the left of the screen are the existing settings, currently held by the logger, and on the other side are the new settings options. Once you have updated the new settings all you have to do is press upload and its ready for deployment! It will even tell you how much logging time you have left, in days, based on the settings you have chosen!


  • Unmanned Long term deployment

  • Unmanned Short term deployment

Key features

  • Rugged construction.

  • Slim design to allow deployments in 2” bore holes.

  • Houses an air pressure sensor for pressure compensation.

  • Large memory to capture 32,000 full data sets, including calibration data.

  • Uses a set of 2 standard batteries (alkaline ‘C’ cells) to provide battery life of 6-12 months**

  • Supplied with the easy to use LoggerLink PC application for logger set up.

  • Features programmable event triggers to increase logging in certain conditions.

  • Features the tough metal AquaConn connectors.

**Dependent upon logging and event testing rates set.  

LoggerLink Software

  • Intuitive Windows Interface.

  • Set up logging rates.

  • Logged data retrieval.

  • Text report output.

  • Excel spreadsheet output.

  • Data file management.

  • Memory management.


  • AquaLogger-2000 for AP-2000 probe and the AquaLogger-7000 for AP-7000 probe.

  • Various lengths of KevlarCore cable.

  • Optional stainless steel cables with carbine clips for attachment..

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