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Blackbox Data Converter for Aquaprobe Systems

The BlackBox data converter outputs SDI-12 / Modbus signals for product integration. The Aquaprobes only output proprietary standard signal. This means you cannot connect them to a third party logger directly. This is where the BlackBox comes in. The BlackBox converts the signals from the Aquaprobes into industry standard signals such as SDI-12 and Modbus.

Using the BlackBox as a kind of interpreter, you can connect your probe to a wide range of third-party logging and telemetry equipment. This option facilitates direct replacement of existing probes made by other manufacturers.


  • Aquaprobe data converter for third party product integration

Key features

  • Outputs industry standard signals such as SDI-12 and Modbus.

  • Facilitates direct replacement of existing third party probes.


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