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The AP-7000 takes long term deployment to the next level. It features a novel dual wiper system to clean ALL electrodes. It comes with a standard set of sensors plus 6 Aux ports to house any combination of Aquaread Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) or Optical sensors. There is an impressive 12 different optional electrodes available for the AP-7000.


  • Surface water quality monitoring

  • Groundwater quality monitoring

  • Seawater quality monitoring

  • Unmanned Long term deployment

  • Short term deployment

  • Portable field unit

Key features

  • Standard Parameters: Optical DO, Specific EC, Absolute EC, pH, ORP, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity, SSG, Depth and Temperature.

  • IP68 for robust and reliable outdoor use.

  • Market leading built-in self cleaning, cleans ALL sensors using novel method.

  • User selectable languages.

  • 6 additional sensor ports that can accept any of our ISE or Optical sensors of the following sensor options in any combination!

w Ammonium & Ammonia
w Chloride
w Fluoride
w Nitrate
w Calcium
w Turbidity
w Chlorophyll
w Blue Green Algae
w Rhodamine
w Fluorescein
w Refined Oil

  • Tough metal AquaConn connectors are fitted as standard to enable testing at depths of up to 100m.

AP-7000 Recording Options

  • Aquaread GPS Aquameter - for a real-time display of measured readings.

  • Aquaread Telemetric System - for real-time data transmission, accessible anywhere in the world (requires internet connection).

  • Aquaread Logger - for a long period of in-situ data collection.

AP-7000 Output Options
As an option, the AP-7000 can be supplied with additional SDI-12 and Modbus (RS-485) outputs to allow direct connection to a wide range of third-party logging and telemetry equipment. This option
facilitates direct replacement of existing probes made by other manufacturers.


  • Vast array of water testing sensors. View our full range of parameters here.

  • Various lengths of KevlarCore cable.

  • Various recording options.

  • Wide range of accessories and calibration solutions.

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