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The TDL-500 portable laser equipment for methane monitoring. Using laser spectroscopy technology, the TDL-500 laser diode is a high performance methane detector offering total selectivity to methane and sensitivity of 1ppm. The instrument offers ATEX certification and makes it possible to detect methane leaks and determine their location with precision.


  • Natural gas networks

  • Biogas leaks

  • Landfill surface emissions

  • Momentary methane leaks

Key features

  • Visual and audible alarm indicators

  • Choice of measurement modes

  • Total selectivity to methane

  • 8 hours constant use at 20 degrees C

  • Supplied with carry case, sampling rod and filters

  • ATEX certified

  • Multiple measurement modes - simultaneous display

  • Fast response times - reduced monitoring

  • No need for hydrogen gas supply


  • Additional Archer GPS navigation system to help find leaks quicker

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